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It won’t be that soon, but in a couple of years we may see a feature length documentary about Bill Cosby’s fall from grace.

A major studio has made a deal for a Cosby doc by a filmmaker with at least one hit project on her resume.

For the moment, I’m not going to divulge the studio or filmmaker’s identities so they can continue with their work uninterrupted.

But I’ve spoken to the filmmaker, who’s in touch with Cosby and his family on a regular basis. She says Cosby– despite tabloid stories– is doing very well in prison. “He’s separated from the general pubic,” the filmmaker says, “but when he’s with them, he’s a star, and they’re delighted to see him. Imagine Bill with a captive audience.”

Camille Cosby has apparently agreed to be part of the film although it’s unclear how candid she will be. It’s the same for their daughters. But plenty of Cosby friends and loyalists are participating.

It’s also unclear still whether Cosby will be allowed to give an interview from prison. Cosby is incarcerated at Pennsylvania’s newest, biggest, and most expensive prison, State Correctional Institution Phoenix, a $400 million, 3,830-bed complex in Montgomery County.

Stay tuned…if this film comes off as planned, it will be huge…


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