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As of midnight, Mariah Carey has two albums in the top 5 on iTunes. One is her new “Caution,” a very good record that debuted at number 4 when it was released.

The other is “Glitter,” from 2001, which has mysteriously infiltrated the iTunes chart for days at number 1. Now it’s number 5.

Nothing explains the “Glitter” revival. Insiders at iTunes are perplexed, too. One theory is that somehow iTunes has been hacked. It’s being checked.

One problem is that Buzz Angle, which counts albums sold, has “Glitter” at just 3,000 copies from last Friday through Wednesday night. If that’s the case, Buzz Angle has “Glitter” at number 28 so far for the week that ended Thursday night. Why has it been number 1 on iTunes? And it has no streaming. “Glitter” isn’t available on Spotify and few physical CD’s still exist.

The mystery continues today…

As for “Caution,” we’ll follow this closely. Mariah’s last album of new material, “Mariah. The Chanteuse” sold just 122,000 after debuting at number 3. “Caution” should do much better.

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