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“The Conners” came back last night after an Election break.

The last time we saw Roseanne’s family without her they brought in 7.825 million viewers. That was two weeks ago. Last night they were off by 800,000 to 6,901,000. The viewers are leaving. Fast.

“The Conners” finished in third place, behind “NCIS” and “The Voice,” on CBS and NBC respectively in the 8 to 9 time slot. Worse even: the key demos are down. A lot. In particular, men aged 18-49 have really fallen off. Women in that age group are down, too.

More and more that eleventh episode, added at the last minute, may be a finale. Or a dream episode.

Meanwhile Roseanne Barr has stayed conspicuously silent for over a month on social media. She may be plotting a comeback, or even an appearance on that 11th episode. Who knows? Maybe the whole thing is a nightmare.

Losing 800K viewers is a nightmare, that’s for sure.

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