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Matthew Libatique has been arrested in Poland. He’s the cinematographer for “A Star is Born.” According to reports, Police found him stumbling around. Maybe he was celebrating with too much vodka!

Libatique, who officials say appeared to be heavily intoxicated, lashed out after an ambulance was called to tend to his erratic behavior.

The cinematographer then became aggressive, spouted “offensive” words and hit one of the workers in the head, according to local reports.

Well, he won’t do that again.

Last week, Viggo Mortensen, star of “Green Book,” used the N word by way of description. People went nuts. He meant nothing by it.

But this is crazy Oscar season. What’s next? Will we get to nominations without a murder, a trial, a kidnapping? What slur will be uttered by accident? In the current season of say-it-and-you’re dead-to me, this should be fun.


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