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Well, uh, no one watched the People’s Choice Awards on the E! Channel Sunday night.

Just 582,000 People tuned in to see that nonsense on E! itself. Across four channels, “People’s Choice” scored 1.1 million. (That included Bravo, Syfy, USA Network.) The red carpet show had just 576,000.

The last People’s Choice, on CBS in January 2017, had 6.66 million and was considered a failure.

The 582K number was lower than “Keeping Up with Kardashians” got last week in that slot– 1.1 million, or ever the 800K the K’s have averaged this season.

The only awards show that does worse is the Independent Spirit Awards, with 95,000 viewers.

People’s Choice has long been a joke among awards shows. The winners are pre-selected by publicists and agencies. I would almost go so far as to say they’re paid for under the guise of licensing or “promotional consideration.” How else in the world would “Fifty Degrees of Grey Pt. 3” win Best Dramatic Movie?

Mostly, celeb show up for the publicity. But this may be the end. The show is so devalued that it can only hurt real awards show– real as they are. E! should be persuaded to stop it now.

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