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Stan Lee is dead. The man who made Marvel comics and the films that followed a part of the international culture was 95.

Stan died after a year from hell following the death of his wife Joan. Friends, associates and family– all greedy– conspired to drive him crazy and ultimately caused his death.

Last March during Oscar week I got an earful about how badly Stan was being treated by his daughter and others who just wanted his money. With Joan gone, Stan was confused and lonely. Everyone preyed on him.

What happened next were lawsuits, accusations, restraining orders that included sales of his blood as souvenirs, Stan losing good friends, and so on.

Now all of those people have had their way. Stan is dead. You can say 95 is “a good life” but what was done to him once his wife died is merciless. Now he’s at peace.

Spider Man, X Men, the Fantastic Four, Wolverine, Avengers, Iron Man, et al– we owe all of it to Stan. In each movie he made an infamous appearance– his “Hitchcock” moment as it were– and audiences always applauded when they caught him sneaking by. I’d guess that he’s in the last “Avengers” movie coming soon. And that better be the end of it. Stan Lee was exploited enough in life.

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