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The critics tried to kill it. But it’s time to break out the Moet Chandon.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” crosses the $100 million line today. The Queen-Freddie Mercury biopic made it there in just 10 days.

At the same time, the original soundtrack is in the top 10. Queen’s Greatest Hits 1 &11 Platinum Edition is number 3 on iTunes, and the regular Greatest Hits is number 5. Two more albums are in the top 10.

Queen also occupies 14– fourteen– slots on the iTunes Top 100 songs. That’s pretty amazing. “Radio Gaga” is doing better than Lady Gaga!

If the Academy ignores “BR” it will be a gigantic mistake. Rami Malek should be in the Best Actor category with Viggo, Willem, Bradley, and Ryan.

And no, “BR” has no director really although it does have Dexter Fletcher, who finished the film when Bryan Singer was fired. Critics are angry at the movie because of Singer, but that’s ridiculous. Just enjoy. We’re not Under Pressure.



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