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It’s not a great time for Sunday cable ratings.

“The Walking Dead” sent Rick off to do solo movies. The result was an uptick of just around 300,000 viewers to 5.4 million. We’ll see next Sunday how his absence plays out. Would they have gotten more viewers if they’d just killed him? Probably.

Lena Dunham’s “Camping” will fold its tent soon. They’re off from the first episode by 67%. Sunday they had around 265,000 viewers. Test patterns do better. HBO’s “The Deuce” has around 384,000 people watching. The end can’t come soon enough for either show.

Good news, if you care: The Kardashians found some old friends this week, and were up to 1.1 million after several weeks sitting at around 800,000. Maybe one of them got killed? Or ate a baby? Why the sudden return of 350,000 viewers? Maybe it was like on “Mary Hartman” where the Nielsen box was on in a mental hospital.


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