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Mike Myers gave such a brilliant interview to Alec Baldwin tonight on ABC, I think we can forgive Alec his latest public scandal.

I interview Mike about 25 years ago and he was a great interview then– thoughtful, literate, introspective, smart. He hasn’t given enough interviews over the years.

Anyway, he told Alec that he’d be open to doing a Broadway show. “I’d love to do An Evening with Dr. Evil, or Mambo Mouth”– the John Leguizamo Broadway show–“where I can do a lot of characters.”

So all you Broadway producers– Roy Furman, Nederlanders, Shuberts, Scott Ellis– get on the phone tomorrow. Mike Myers on Broadway would be most welcome!

Mike also talked about growing up in government housing in Toronto, his father’s battles with illnesses parallel to Mike’s rising success, and so on, as well as Barbra Streisand summoning him to her shows when he was playing his former mother in law, Linda Richman, on “SNL.”

“This is the best time of my life,” Mike told Alec about the last seven years as he became a father to three kids. His eldest, Spike, recently whispered to him, “I’m your biggest fan.” OMG. I’m verklempt.

I’ll see if I can link to the interview tomorrow. Good work, Alec.

Alec’s other guest was Cecile Richards, daughter of late Texas governor Ann Richards, also former head of Planned Parenthood. I don’t know her but I did know her mother. She’s a chip off the block and her interview was just great, too.


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