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Disney’s “Nutcracker and the Four Realms” is so bad that reviews were embargoed until 8pm Wednesday night. The movie opens on Friday, and it’s apparently pretty bad.

As reviews flood into Rotten Tomatoes, the consensus is more or less “Yikes.” The two director film– it’s a messy situation with Lasse Hallstrom and Joe Johnston each getting credit–rated a lowly 26%.

As such, the only silver lining for “Nutcracker” is that another movie, Paramount’s “Nobody’s Fool,” must be much worse. There are no reviews yet and it looks like the studio won’t allow them until the last minute– meaning Thursday. So, that’s something.

“Nutcracker” was called out as a coming disaster months ago. It’s been trimmed down to 99 minutes and likely cost more than the $130 million that Disney has admitted to. But they’ve had so many hits this year, and have more coming, that it doesn’t matter. By next weekend, “Nutcracker” will just be a sore memory.

The AP: “To be frank, it rather limps to the goal line.”

Austin Chronicle: “Is it possible for a film to be entirely composed of filler? Pick up those tickets to your local ballet show instead, and dodge this bullet of mediocrity while funding the (actual) arts.”

New York Magazine: “There’s nothing grounding enough here; everything – the sets, the costumes, the performances – seems to drift off in a CGI haze.”

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