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OK, so I don’t live in New Jersey, I don’t ever go there, I don’t really care about Sen. Bob Menendez except he’s all they’ve got.

But this guy who’s running against him, Bob Hugin, I only know about him because advertises during baseball on Fox. He is ruining my World Series with his disgusting, out of bounds attacks on Menendez. The ads are completely wrong, making spurious claims against Menendez. My new favorite one–this is hysterical– is running a picture of Harvey Weinstein through the ad. Weinstein had nothing to do with Menendez and never lived in New Jersey, he’s never been convicted of anything. But Hugin’s ad people are trying to tie Harvey’s issues to Menendez. It won’t work.

So who is Bob Hugin? (Like I needed to know this.) Well, he runs a Big Pharma company called Celgene. They’re a Summit, New Jersey cancer drug company. And guess what? In 2017, Celgene paid the Department of Justice $280 million to settle fraud allegations related to the promotion of two cancer treatment drugs for uses not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Nice, huh? So if you have cancer, and live in pollution spewing New Jersey, you can thank Bob Hugin. Among his other credits was blocking generic versions of Celgene drugs, to make them affordable.

Hugin’s made a lot of money, don’t worry, from cancer drug fraud. He’s made enough that he has a tax free non profit family foundation with $14 million in assets as of 2016. How much has he donated to cancer research? In 2016, it was just $100,000. In 2014 and 2015, the Hugin Family Foundation didn’t bother to list its donations or grants.

If you’ve had cancer, or know someone who’s had it, how could you vote for this guy? In the DOJ press release: “Patients deserve to know their doctors are prescribing drugs that are likely to provide effective treatment, rather than drugs marketed aggressively by pharmaceutical companies,” said Acting United States Attorney Sandra R. Brown.

Bob Hugin doesn’t care about you. And I think in New Jersey, you need someone who’s not actively trying to kill you as your US Senator.

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