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The Roger Ailes- Fox News- Gretchen Carlson movie is filming. There are spreads today of Charlize Theron as Megyn Kelly in the Daily Mail.

“Fair and Balanced,” directed by Jay Roach, starring John Lithgow as Ailes, and Nicole Kidman as Gretchen Carlson, was stopped in its tracks two weeks ago when Annapurna Pictures dropped the project. It couldn’t have been money per se. The thinking is that Larry Ellison, who funds Annapurna for his daughter Megan, didn’t want it.

After Annapurna dropped it, there was some talk of Lions Gate picking it up. There has never been a formal announcement. But Lions Gate indeed is making the movie. Good for them! We want to see this!

Malcolm McDowell is playing Rupert Murdoch. I’ve heard that Richard Kind may be tapped as Rudy Giuliani. Margot Robbie is also featured.

Jay Roach directed “Game Change” for HBO and garnered many awards. He’s a terrific, smart director. Screenwriter Charles Randolph wrote “The Big Short” (a movie that featured Margot Robbie in all the right ways). So Lions Gate can expect something very good here. Can’t wait!

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