Home Celebrity Kim Kardashian Turned Alec Baldwin’s Talk Show into “Charlie Rose for Morons”

Alec Baldwin squandered the second hour of his pedestrian talk show by devoting an entire hour to Kim Kardashian. In the middle of a national political debate, this is what he wasted his time on. Ratings? He had none last week. We’ll see if this works.

Who is Kim Kardashian? I have no idea, even now. She and her family are invented celebrities. They are purveyors of trash. Even if they’ve managed to turn that into a fortune, is that a reason to feature her? If that’s the criteria, why not Ron Popeil and the Pocket Fisherman?

Alec didn’t ask this Kim the questions that were pertinent: what about her sex tape? How will she explain that to her children? What’s it like being married to someone bipolar? What about her 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries?

Instead, the conversation was insipid. Alec is not a journalist, so we can’t blame him entirely. Someone must produce this show. But this was an infomercial for banality. “I never realized how much I was jealous of Kanye West,” Alec said. I threw up in my mouth.

Kim Kardashian herself is not interesting in any way. The only interesting parts of the interview had to do with Kanye West and Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. I could have read the National Enquirer for that information.

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