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CBS won Thursday night’s ratings easily, with the potent combo of “Big Bang Theory” and “Young Sheldon” bringing in 11-12 million viewers from 8 to 9pm. Then “Mom” pulled in over 8 million, and “Murphy Brown 2.0” 6.5 million viewers– “Murphy” desperately needs work, it would never live without “Mom”‘s protection. No one I know can bear to watch it.

But CBS is golden compared to NBC. What the heck is happening? Look at these ratings. They’re lower than “The Young and the Restless.” Actually, NBC’s own “Days of our Lives” doing better at noon by comparison. Very few people are watching the NBC lineup even though it’s hip and cool and all that. Maybe it’s a promotional problem. But these numbers are Must Not See TV. I thought “Will & Grace”: was a big hit. And “SVU” should be doing a lot better. It’s tough out there!


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