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SUNDAY MORNING UPDATE: Def Leppard has jumped out ahead of Stevie and has opened a 4,000 vote lead as she drops to number 2 in the online fan vote.

Will landslide take her down? We’ll see what happens soon.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Stevie Nicks may be overtaken any minute now in the fan voting for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by, of all things, Def Leppard.

Nicks has 128,768 to Leppard’s 128,700 at 7pm on Saturday night. But word is just seeping out that Nicks nixed former boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac this year after four decades together.

Stevie’s ethereal image was pretty damaged in the last couple of days after Buckingham filed suit against the group. Then Nicks told Rolling Stone that she was indeed responsible for his ouster. It’s kind of funny and sad. Buckingham and Nicks came into Fleetwood Mac together in 1974. They should have had to leave together, too. But Nicks has been close to Mick Fleetwood in the last few years, and counts on John and Christine McVie, formerly married, to stay silent. (Has anyone ever heard John McVie speak about anything?)

It’s ironic, too, since Buckingham went on tour with Christine McVie last year and made an album with her.

Meanwhile, in fan voting, The Cure, Todd Rundgren, and the Zombies round out the top 5. The MC5 are at the bottom with around 22,000 votes. Most of the people voting probably don’t even know who the MC5 were or why they were important.

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