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The all -star film about Roger Ailes and the fall of Fox News in the #MeToo scandal has been dropped suddenly by Annapurna Pictures.

That’s the company owned by Megan Ellison, the daughter of Oracle founder billionaire Larry Ellison. Dad is a huge Republican donor, which may have figured in the decision.

“Fair and Balanced” will be directed by Jay Roach, and stars John Lithgow, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie among others. It takes in the whole world of Ailes and the sexual harassment cases at Fox News.

Another studio will likely pick the film up in the next 24 hours.

Annapurna dropping “Fair and Balanced” is a head scratcher. They’re in need of a hit badly, with current film “The Sisters Brothers” dead at the box office and “If Beale Street Could Talk” not looking promising.

Ironically, Annapurna is about to launch “Vice,” which will take a comic and critical look at former VP Dick Cheney.

But “Fair and Balanced” may have hit a sore spot. Or, as suggested, its budget may have ballooned past their comfort point.

Stay tuned…

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