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Cigarette advertising was banned from radio and TV in 1970. Richard Nixon actually signed it into law.

Today, in October 2018–it’s back. Yes, nicotine is still addictive and causes cancer.

But Juul, which offers the small USB- looking device that delivers liquid nicotine as vaping, is going hard advertising its product on radio.

This morning, in one hour, I heard two different Juul ads on an I Heart Radio (formerly Clear Channel) station.

I don’t know about other cities right now, but here in New York City, the Juul ads are everywhere, in every small grocery and bodega, everywhere cigarettes can be purchased. The only difference is that Juul has no age limit. If you can afford it, you can buy it. There’s no cigarette smell, but it’s absolutely the same thing as smoking.

Basically, Juul is spreading cancer to a new generation of teens. I really hope I Heart Radio and other companies refuse their money and take the ads off the air ASAP. Like many things right now, this is a farce.


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