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The press screeners for “Murphy Brown” feature a little intro from show creator Diane English. She says, just to make sure no one blurts it out, a scene has been held back from critics from tonight’s premiere on CBS at 9:30pm.

There’s a spoiler. English is referring to a previous alert that a major political figure would turn up on the 1st episode of the revived series as one of Murphy’s many secretaries.

Some did bet on Hillary Clinton, the obvious choice, now out of work. That would be funny.

But I’m hearing the good betting is on Michelle Obama, who is about to launch her publicity campaign for her book, “Becoming.”

It would be very ‘becoming’ of her, as long as Murphy doesn’t fire her too meanly.

Other candidates for the surprise could be either of the husbands, although I don’t think so. Stormy Daniels would be funny, also. Dan Quayle would be a hoot, but I don’t think they’ll go there.

We’ll really stand by to see who it is. But my guess, for better or worse, is Michelle.

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