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Broadway is bursting with news this morning.

First of all, Cameron Crowe‘s Oscar nominated 2000 movie “Almost Famous” is being turned into a musical. Crowe is writing the book, Tom Kitt is writing the songs with Crowe. They’ll have to use some existing songs, too, like Elton John‘s “Tiny Dancer” for the bus sing along. Jeremy Herrin, from the UK, is set to be the director. From his credits, I can’t figure out why. Note to Cameron: there has to be a song called “Rock Stars Have Kidnapped My Son” sung by the mother.

Bigger news: Kerry Washington has called in the big guns to Executive Produce her play, “American Sons.” Shonda Rhimes, who produced Kerry’s hit TV show, “Scandal,” has added her name over the title on the marquee. So have Jada Pinkett Smith, Gabrielle Union-Wade, Dwyane Wade, Steve Stoute and Nnamdi Asomugha.

The great Kenny Leon directs “American Son” a new play by Christopher Demos-Brown opening November 4th. Stephen Pasquale plays Washington’s estranged husband. The couple waits in a Miami police station for news of their teen son, who’s been pulled over by police. Notices from the initial production were strong, with reviewers citing the last 30 minutes of the 90 minute drama. Sounds like it’s a two acter-with no intermission. Let’s cross our fingers. We need new plays desperately!

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