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Mariah is back. Her new single, a comeback from some time in the past, is called “GTFO” which means (and she says) “Get the f– off.” It has no particular hook, and Mariah isn’t singing really. (Is this singing?)

It’s a note for note cover of Porter Robinson’s hit “Goodbye to a World.” The latter has over 13 million views on YouTube so it’s not a secret that it exists.

What is going on here? I wish I knew. I wish Mariah would just sing some damn actual songs at full throat. She’s squandered her voice. She’s also the queen of sampling, interpolating, covering, borrowing, whatever. Do yourselves a favor– drop a needle on “Best of My Love” by the Emotions and “Emotions” by Mariah and A/B them.

So here were are again. GTFO, Mariah. Very disappointing. How about some new ideas?

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