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Say goodbye to the most recent cast of the “Superman” movies.

The trade papers report this morning that Warner Bros. is moving on to make “Supergirl” movies and releasing Henry Cavill from the title role as Superman.

If Cavill is gone, so too are Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg and Diane Lane, too. They join Ben Affleck as Batman and Jeremy Irons as Alfred as DC Comics alumni now. Their time is done.

Presumably, Gal Gadot stays in the DC Universe as Wonder Woman. And at least two people are playing the Joker soon– Jared Leto, and Joaqin Phoenix.

DC Comics has just never gotten itself together as Marvel has danced on its grave. DC movies are slammed by critics and fans alike. Nothing works, no one is ever happy. Someone will write a book one day about why this has all happened. Maybe it will be Brandon Routh.

Cavill has nothing to cavil about it. He just appeared with Tom Cruise in the biggest movie of the summer. He can write his own ticket as a star– maybe James Bond, plenty of other things. He’s presumably financially independent from being Superman. So it’s a win win.

The next Superman? I guess if DC is into Supergirl they’ll be into Superboy now, too. Chalamet?

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