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Michael Moore got a rapturous standing ovation in Toronto tonight for his new film. “Fahrenheit 11 9” makes a devastating case against Donald Trump comparing him to Hitler and his followers to Nazis. He even dubs Trump’s voice into film clips of Hitler speeches at Nazi rallies.

But he also takes aim at the American political hierarchy that he says created Trump. It’s a powerful film that shoukd ignite voters. After the screening the Parkland students featured in the film appeared on stage and spoke to a wildly enthusiastic audience.

Moore ranges around a bit as he builds his argument. There’s no aha moment but there are revelations that are mind blowing. One involving Steny Hoyer admitting to a novice Democratic hopeful that his election is rigged against him by party elders is a wow.  Now you see why young adults are frustrated. Nancy Pelosi take heed.

“F 11/9” is a call to arms. Seen by enough people it will be catalyzing. To dismiss it really would be a mistake.

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