Home Movies “Crazy Rich Asians” Hits $111 Million, A Milestone for Original Non-Sequel Comedy-Drama

Every hit this summer was either a comic book movie, a sequel to a comic book or a sequel to something.

Not “Crazy Rich Asians.” A totally original comedy-drama, the Asian-American-Asian phenom is a sequel to nothing. Today it hits $111 million at the box office, which is a milestone if not a record, and much to be congratulated. Hurrah!

Of course, soon there will be two “Crazy Rich Asian” sequels, but this one will be the template for success. In a year that brought us the huge success of “Black Panther” and the critical success of “Blackkklansman,” the soaring triumph of “Crazy Rich Asians” should also teach Hollywood that there’s a world out there, and it doesn’t all look like the executives.

Meantime, crappy pictures like “Happytime Murders” and “Papillon” are DOA.



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