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Is anyone keeping up with the Kardashians?

This group of self indulgent nitwits are in their 15th season on the E! Channel (although they’ve actually been on the air since October 2007).

Their new “season” debuted four weeks ago with 1,364,000 viewers. The second week saw a decline to 1,273,000. Week 3 came in at 1,084,000. This past Sunday it was 1,030,000.

I can’t tell you if it’s the story line because I don’t watch it and don’t care. If they all vanished into a sink hole that would be a plot for me to enjoy.

On Sunday, they were at least the fifth choice of everyone watching cable at 9pm. And that’s not counting network TV, the Weather Channel, and people who watched cats doing ethnic dancing on YouTube.

Is the Kardashians’ decline related to the coming end of Trump? Could be. They should have been canceled years ago. Maybe it was the publicity surrounding executive producer Ryan Seacrest spotted jet rocketing like Iron Man off a yacht in the Mediterranean last week. Maybe the Universe just said, That’s enough.

It could be the end is near. Let’s pray together.


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