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Last year, the 50th anniversary of the “Sgt. Pepper” album was an occasion. It included a remixed version of the album, a mono version, and outtakes of tracks. The boxed set, retailing at over $100, sold like crazy, too. And think of it– “Sgt. Pepper” is only 30 minutes long.

But now I can tell you the 50th anniversary edition of “The White Album” is on its way, probably set for November 22nd– the day it came out in 1968. A ‘Save the Date’ email went out to press today for a NY event on September 26th. That can only mean good things.

There are many, many bootlegs of “White Album” outtakes floating around in the world. So Giles Martin, son of late legendary producer George Martin, had his work cut out for him. But I’m thinking we’ll get a remixed version of the original album, an outtakes CD, and maybe a mono mix as well.

The White Album– originally intended to be called The Beatles, but got its nickname thanks to the all white cover– has a lot of hits on it. “Back in the USSR,” “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” “Helter Skelter,” and “Revolution 1” are just the tip of the iceberg. Every track is someone’s favorite, from “Savoy Truffle” to “Dear Prudence.”

These Beatles remixes are really wonderful. The “1” album remix set with videos is excellent, “Pepper” was a big success. Once The White Album is a Christmas blockbuster, next up will be “Abbey Road” in 2019 and “Let it Be” in 2020– and perhaps the “Let it Be” movie.

While you’re waiting, go back and pick up the Beatles Mono Box Set. I listen to it all the time. It’s like a Ringo fest, the drums are so good!


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