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John Goodman says his TV wife Roseanne is dead. Asked by the London Sunday Times magazine how his character Dan will fit into “The Conners,” Goodman says: “It’s an unknown. I guess he’ll be mopey and sad because his wife’s dead.”

Goodman’s other thoughts on Roseanne Barr’s Tweet and the end of the show as we all knew it:

“I was broken-hearted, but I thought, ‘OK, it’s just show business, I’m going to let it go.’ But I went through a period, about a month, where I was very depressed. I’m a depressive anyway, so any excuse that I can get to lower myself, I will. But that had a great deal to do with it, more than I wanted to admit.”

Has he been in touch with Barr at all? “She had to sign a paper saying that she relinquished all her rights to the show so that we could go on. I sent her an email and thanked her for that. I did not hear anything back, but she was going through hell at the time. And she’s still going through hell.”

Was he surprised at the network’s reaction to the tweet? He pauses and stares into his cappuccino for so long I think he is never going to answer. “I was surprised. I’ll put it this way, I was surprised at the response.” Another pause. “And that’s probably all I should say about it.” He falls into a long ponderous silence, then erupts again. “I know, I know, for a fact that she’s not a racist.”

As for Roseanne Conner being dead, hey look: what else were they going to do? In the final episode of the revival season, Roseanne needed knee surgery. She’s overweight, her health is terrible. Plus, Lanford, Ohio is probably not the best place for health care. So it all adds up. The question is, with Roseanne gone, who will the show revolve around? Darlene? Her kids? This doesn’t sound promising.


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