Home Music Madonna Strikes Out at VMA’s, Barely Mentions Aretha Franklin During Self-Absorbed Tribute

Madonna’s self absorbed tribute to Aretha Franklin is the laughing stock of the internet. As now widely documented, Madonna made it all about her — her struggles, her trials and tribulations, her idiotic semi-African Halloween costume.

Are we surprised? Not a bit. It reminded me of Madonna’s documentary about Africa, called “I Am Because We Are.” The film showed no appreciation of the continent, just Madonna’s limited worldview. We dubbed it “We Are Because I Am.”

Madonna and Aretha Franklin have nothing to do with each other. What was the point? Why did MTV, so irrelevant at this point, choose a suburban white girl with a processed voice to honor the Queen of Soul? I’m sure Janet Jackson, out with a big hit– something Madonna hasn’t had in 20 years– was available.

What a shame. I’m sure we can expect better from the American Music Awards on October 9th, and the Grammys, in February. At least we know Madonna will not be invited to Clive Davis’s Madison Square Garden tribute to Aretha on November 14th. Those performers and speakers will be of a higher quality, and real substance.

For a real tribute to Aretha, read Sam Moore in today’s Variety.

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