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For some, it was not a great weekend at the box office.

While “Crazy Rich Asians” secured $25 million and finished at number 1, others were not so lucky.

Kevin Spacey’s final movie before his scandals sank his career, “Billionaire Boys Club,” made less than $500 for the weekend. That’s right– less than five hundred dollars. The movie debuted a few weeks ago on VOD, but no one watched it there either. Spacey has been totally missing in action since accusations of sexual misconduct first surfaced. Since then there have been lawsuits and investigations.

Then there’s the Peter Berg-Mark Wahlberg “Mile 22.” They made $13.6 million for the weekend. It’s not a lifetime low for Wahlberg but pretty close. He makes a lot of movies, and I mean a lot. But in four years this is his worst showing.

Sony/Studio 8 also had a failure this weekend with something called “Alpha.” An origin story of how early man and dogs became friends didn’t make any friends at the box office. The box office was $10 million, the movie is said to have cost $60 million.

It’s the end of summer, there’s a lot of flotsam and jetsam floating around in theaters. Two more weeks, Labor Day will come, and a new season will begin. I’ll bet no one is more anxious than theater owners. I don’t blame them.

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