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UPDATE: Says Grammy NARAS insider “It was a very disrespectful move on their part,” says NARAS will have to decide what’s best.

EARLIER: It’s music vs. movies. Who will win?

The Academy Awards announced today it’s taking February 9th as its date for the 2020 Oscars. That moves the Oscars up two weeks than its usual time. The show is broadcast by ABC.

Over at CBS they can’t be happy. That Sunday is traditionally the night for the Grammy Awards. This last year the Grammys moved up to January 26th because of the Olympics. But for 2019 the Grammys are right back on their regular Sunday, two weeks before the Oscars.

Insofar as scheduling locally in Los Angeles, there aren’t going to be two major awards gatherings on the same night. The Grammys have been ambushed, frankly. Do they move up a week? That would be Super Bowl Sunday. Do they switch with the Oscars and go two weeks later? Or back into January?

Stay tuned. Jack Sussman and Les Moonves from CBS won’t be too happy with this Oscar news.


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