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No one said Broadway was easy. I really thought the Go Go’s musical “Head Over Heels” would close on opening night. It has all the earmarks of “Springtime for Hitler.” Critics tried to like it because was gender fluid, but in reality it leaks all over the place.

Turns out the reviewers didn’t help. After the opening, the show dropped 14.71%. Receipts from the prior week fell by over $23,000.  The total the show can make at the Hudson Theater is $883,552. The week after it opened “Head Over Heels” grossed just $297,420. The closing notice should be coming soon, if not today.

Just about every show took a massive hit last week as summer ebbs, school starts in a lot of places, tourists return to their planets. “The Lion King” dropped by over $300,000! “Wicked” came close to that. “Hello, Dolly!” dropped by almost $20,000. “My Fair Lady” fell by a whopping $75,000. The Donna Summer show, which I can’t believe is still playing, dropped by $118K!

Broadway will go through a summer downturn now until Labor Day. Bruce Springsteen is yachting with David Geffen off Capri, so his usual $2.4 million weekly take is missing. But the new fall shows are just around the corner. And everyone is counting on “Pretty Woman” to come through!

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