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Sean Spicer wasn’t a very good White House communications director. And he’s not a best selling author.

Spicey’s book, “The Briefing,” has dropped below number 700 on amazon.com after 1 week. It never cracked the top 100.

Spicer probably thought he’d have a big bestseller after his infamous run at the job. After all, Melissa McCarthy won an Emmy for playing him. But Spicer is loathed by both sides in this story– the press hates him, the Democrats know he lied to them, Republicans think he sold Trump out.

Now we’ll see how Omarosa does when her book comes out. I hope everyone remembers she’s a nut job. When she was on “The Apprentice” she was mocked. She should never have been in the White House. Her attacks on Trump, while no doubt fun, add nothing to the current conversation.

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