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I did run into Anna Wintour last night at the opening of “Head over Heels,” one of the worst Broadway musicals in years. At intermission she was standing not too far from me, an inch or two away, and we’ve known each other for many years. I said, “Anna,” and she turned around, and we kind of shook hands. I said only these words after ‘Hello’: “So, are you leaving Vogue?”

She was not sporting her trademark sunglasses, but she was wearing a nice sun dress, which might have been red. She definitely saw red as the question left my mouth. But what else is there to say? And as the words reached her, her mouth opened slightly, her lips parted and she made a noise. The noise was “Fuh.” It wasn’t short for you know, F you. It was just like “Fuh,” with a look of distaste as if she knew she’d have to spit out a bad hors d’ouevre and didn’t see a plant nearby. “Fuh.” She turned on her heel (likely very expensive heel) and left me in the dirt.

I’ve looked through some gifs to get the right attitude. Here are some good ones:




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