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Yes, pigs have flown. “Hello, Dolly!” with Bette Midler is deep discounting tickets.

I told you last week that there were quite a few seats available in all sections for Bette Midler’s final five week run as Dolly. The seats are on the side, in the back, but they’re fine. “Dolly!” is a big show. You can see it from anywhere in the theater.

Then came the notice on BroadwayBox.com via email: there were deep discounts on those remaining seats. You could pay $139 and be sitting just a few feet away from someone who spent upwards of $600.

Telecharge is offering the deal, and you can make progress on their site up to a point. Just after you click on the new price, a page comes saying “We’re sorry, we’re having a problem with this feature of the site right now. Please try again.”

Good luck. Do we still have a Federal Trade Commission? That deal is supposed to be good through August 16th. And now it’s gone.


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