Home Music Kennedy Center Honoree Cher Reveals Track listing for All-ABBA Covers Album

So yes, Cher is finishing up her all ABBA covers album.

Tonight she revealed nine of the ten songs on Twitter:


She added:

This is kind of a strange project. On the one hand, Cher was smart to be part of “Mamma Mia” and sing “Fernando.” But a whole album of this stuff? I guess it’s a concept, a theme. According to her Twitter feed she’s still in the studio, we won’t hear this album until earliest next month. I guess it would be on Warner Bros., which really needs a hit.

The two “Mamma Mia” movie soundtracks are currently in the top 3, along with ABBA’s greatest hits. Me? If I never heard another ABBA song again in this lifetime I wouldn’t mind. But I know I’m in the minority. I’d like to hear Cher use her voice for better songs, but this is what we’re gonna get.

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