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The New York Daily News is dead.

99 Years after it began, “America’s Hometown Newspaper” no longer carries that subtitle under its logo.

Is it death or murder?

Last night no one from the Daily News covered the Yankees or Mets games. Tronc, the abysmal new owner, ran wire service copy instead.

A look at the front page of the Daily News website shows stories from Texas, Australia, and other far flung locales, which no one cares about. The Bronx? Canarsie? Staten Island? Mid-town Manhattan?

Yesterday Tronc gutted the paper, fired the sports, social media reporters, and even the photographers. The part of the logo they left intact is an illustration of a camera. But now the fotogs are gone.

Twenty-four reporters lost their jobs yesterday. It’s a mass murder, actually.

Is there no New York billionaire– in a city of billionaires?– who care enough to save the paper from Tronc?

Beyond sad.

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