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“Gotti” rolls to the end of its theater release today, ending its ignominious 28 day run with $4.3 million.

“Gotti” may linger, like a virus, but it’s basically over. Its only foreign release was in Hungary, where it made $57,000.

Of course, there could be a DVD release, maybe VOD, etc.

UPDATE: “Gotti,” with a ZERO rating on Rotten Tomatoes, appears to be playing in just one movie theater in the USA– in Staten Island, NY, home of the mob. How fitting.

But the upshot is that this is John Travolta’s lowest grossing movie in 20 years, of all his movies that were released to 500 or more theaters. Along the way there were a couple that went straight to video. But for a movie with 28 producer credits, this is a bomb.

Sources estimate that “Gotti” cost $10 million to make. Another $10 million was added for distribution and promotion. Beyond that, the losses are anyone’s guess. “Gotti” was feted with a big vanity opening in Cannes two months ago. Travolta doesn’t travel cheap. His expenses alone could be as big as the movie’s budget.

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