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French actress Emmanuelle Seigner has told the Motion Picture Academy she declines their off to join the group– especially after they expelled her famous director husband Roman Polanski.

Writing in a French newspaper, Seigner says no the Academy.

Frankly, it’s bizarre she was sent the invite since Polanski was ousted. Most of her movies have been with him anyway. Why would they think she would accept?

“How can I ignore the fact that a few weeks go, the Academy expelled my husband, Roman Polanski, in an attempt to appease the zeitgeist – the very same Academy which in 2002 awarded him an Oscar for The Pianist! A curious case of amnesia!” she says.  “The Academy probably thinks I am enough of a spineless, social climbing actress that I would forget that I have been married for the past 29 years to one of the world’s greatest directors,” Seigner wonders.

She continues:

“Roman Polanski gave birth to unforgettable female characters played by Sharon Tate, Catherine Deneuve, Mia Farrow, Faye Dunaway, Nastassja Kinski, and Sigourney Weaver, nothing like this machismo caricature, a symptom of the evil that ravages the cinema. Academy of Oscars would like me to disassociate myself from this man?”

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