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Drake is number 1– by miles.

His “Scorpion” music sold enough to register 158,000 downloads and almost 600,000 from streaming. The total according to hitsdailydouble is 749,000.

“Scorpion” has also scored many records for streaming. He has the top 20 songs on the Streaming Songs Chart — plus three more songs in the top 30. His sales have dwarfed Kanye West and Beyonce and Jay Z.

Indeed, Kanye’s “Ye” album sold only about 24,000 copies this week. And The Carters sold around 38,000 total of their duet album. Neither act has done much on the singles charts.

No, it’s all about Drake, for better or worse. Will anyone remember these songs? No, of course not. But for now, he’s the king of the hill.

Number 2 for the week is a new album by Florence and the Machine, 81K, only 10K of that from streaming. Hip hop rap R&B is all about streaming. Rock and pop are sales, physical and download.

The discovered John Coltrane album, “Both Directions at Once,” sold just 17,000 copies with about a thousand more in streaming. You can’t stream it, really, but I did because in New York City there was nowhere to buy a CD or LP. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a nightmare of my worst future predictions from the 1980s.


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