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Maurice Benard has been playing gangster Sonny Corinthos on “General Hospital” since the early 90s. He’s on screen almost every afternoon. His Michael Corleone like character, improbably, has been centrai to the soap for years.

Today Bernard announced that he’s filming a movie role this summer on the East Coast. It turns out this is fifth such job since 2017. The movies are “B movies,” straight to video, not big productions. Except for one, called “The Ghost and the Whale,” Benard is never the star. He takes secondary roles that require a week or two off from the soap.

But still, one wonders, what exactly is going on? Does Benard know something we don’t? Prior to this little run he did almost nothing outside of “General Hospital” for more than a decade. His best known role was playing Desi Arnaz in a TV Movie about Lucille Ball and her late, famous husband in 1991.

Benard could be planning, very smartly, for the future. “General Hospital” ratings are down. There’s general chaos in what’s left of the soap world, with the four remaining shows letting go of tenured actors and not offering raises to actors.

Stay tuned…

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