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If you were hoping to see The Micky and Mike Show Friday night at the Beacon Theater, I’ve got bad news for you.

The partial Monkees reunion has had to cancel New York and three more shows on the tour. Mike Nesmith, who hasn’t played Monkees material live on stage in decades, has taken ill.

According to a spokesman: “Michael Nesmith had a minor health issue today in advance of his tour date in Philadelphia tonight. He visited a local medical facility and, although the issue was not serious, was advised to rest for the next week, so unfortunately the remaining four dates on The Monkees Present: The Mike & Micky Show tour have been postponed until a later date. Nesmith has been dismissed from the hospital and is traveling back to his home in Carmel Valley. He is in good spirits and thanks all the fans for their support and understanding. He looks forward to getting back on the stage again soon.”

Peter Tork was not on this tour because apparently he doesn’t get along with Nesmith. Nesmith dropped out of the Monkees years ago because he didn’t get along with Davy Jones, who sadly died much too young. This tour was supposed to he recorded for a live album, but that may not be happening now. What’s wrong with Mike? Maybe he inhaled too much Liquid Paper. (His mom invented it years ago.)

I was kind of looking forward to hearing all those songs by Neil Diamond, Carole King, Boyce and Hart, and so on. I hope Mike is feeling better soon. Micky Dolenz will perform at the Grammys Special Merit concert in Los Angeles next month, singing “I’m a Believer” for Neil Diamond.

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