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9:39pm UPDATE If you search “The Carters” or “Apeshit” on Amazon in Digital Music, you get nothing. But the album is there. It’s just hidden. Still, it’s number 1 among paid downloads. You must search for it under “Jay Z and Beyonce.”

EARLIER MONDAY Beyonce and Jay Z’s album “Everything is Love” has shown up on Spotify today despite the couple trashing the music service on a song called “Nice.”

On the song Beyonce raps: “My success can’t be quantified If I gave 2 fucks about streaming numbers Woulda put Lemonade up on on Spotify Fuck you Fuck you”

To punish them, my colleague at the New York Times Ben Sisario points out, Spotify isn’t featuring or promoting the album.


Since Jay Z launched his Tidal service, he’s forced his friends and family to release music there exclusively. The result has been low sales and no buzz because people don’t want or need Tidal. And actually  Beyonce should give two fucks about streaming. Most of her sales will come from that platform, and not digital downloads or DVDs. Maybe J isn’t showing her the numbers.

“Everything is Love” has also gone to iTunes, where it’s number 1. and presumably it’s on Apple Music. But there’s no sign of it yet on Amazon’s Digital Music. But let’s face it, Amazon subscribers don’t go much for rap.


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