Home Movies John Travolta Scores Lowest Ever Opening with “Gotti” $614K Friday Night

John Travolta’s “Gotti” scored just $614K last night by estimates, in just over 500 theaters. It’s his lowest opening, and means that “Gotti” will barely score $1.5 million on its opening weekend.

No one knows exactly what “Gotti” cost all in since it’s had many different structures, producers, investments and pay offs since its inception. But the latest iteration cost at least $10 million. It’s possible several million more were wasted before that.

The music budget alone is said to be over $1 million. Travolta’s participation equals far more than that, although he may be waiting for first dollar in once box office receipts are counted. Alas, he’s not going to see very much from this.

Travolta has a lot of duds and misfires in his career. His last two releases were basically straight to video, so we’re not counting them. His last real release was “Savages” in 2012, which made a total $47 million with a $16 million opening weekend. He also two non starters in 24 theatres apiece, in the 2000s, that died upon opening.

For a full release film you have to go back to 2000, to “Lucky Numbers,” to rival the “Gotti” performance.

“Gotti” has a zero on Rotten Tomatoes, 20 negative reviews, none positive. According to one report, this his third movie to sport a Zero. That’s quite an accomplishment.


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