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Is this the art work for a Paul McCartney album or single? Hell if I know. Maybe. I guess we’ll see if that whole build up on Instagram and with James Corden means anything or not.

This photo is the latest to appear on McCartney’s Instagram. I hope he’s not just dumping a surprise album tonight. Five years ago, his last album, called “New,” sold around 250,000 copies. McCartney may not be aware that a) albums don’t sell b) albums by old rock stars don’t sell and c) if you want them to sell, a marketing campaign helps.

But maybe he does know this and doesn’t care. McCartney’s tours are the money makers, and they are sensational. So maybe, given that, he doesn’t need a marketing campaign.

We did hear this song via McCartney’s Liverpool stop this week. It sounds good. Maybe it’s the single. I’ll be at the “Gotti” premiere, so we’ll have to wait and see.


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