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Rose McGowan’s year of being “Brave” has just gotten tougher. A grand jury in Virginia has indicted her on a felony possession charge of possessing cocaine.

The coke was found in a wallet left on a flight in Dulles Airport back in January 2017. McGowan said she left the wallet behind. When it turned up, it had the cocaine, which of course, McGowan says wasn’t hers.

McGowan will plead not guilty when she’s arraigned. If convicted, she could face up to a year in jail. The whole thing seems preposterous, but so does her assertion that Harvey Weinstein, who she claims raped her 20 years ago, somehow had the drugs planted on her.

Rose was in the press yesterday as she spoke for her pal, Asia Argento, the girlfriend of Anthony Bourdain. Argento, also a Weinstein accuser, has come under fire following Bourdain’s suicide. Argento said on social media she’d asked Rose to speak for her regarding Bourdain. The result was an assertion that she and Bourdain had had an “open” relationship, and that romantic looking photos of Asia and an Italian journalist cavorting in Rome didn’t instigate Bourdain’s suicide.

What a mess. Even if Bourdain was caught unaware by the photos, they certainly couldn’t have caused him to take his own life. He was the father of a teenager who needed him, had a successful career. Whatever demons he had or depression that plagued ran deeper than a broken heart.

As for Rose, a plea deal of some kind will be the result in Virginia. She’s had a tough, tough time. Her TV series, “Citizen Rose,” was down to about 88,000 viewers in its last outing on the E! channel. Her book, “Brave,” has gotten a lot of positive publicity but hasn’t sold. She has her fervent supporters, and she’s a heroine as an activist. Here’s hoping she can find some peace soon. She deserves it.

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