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Someone has got to speak to the individual members of One Direction. Their experiment of splitting into five solo acts is a disaster.

Right now, there is an abundance of tickets for sale on the secondary market for Harry Styles, the best known member of the group. Styles released a self titled debut album last year that so far has sold 382,000 copies. That’s over a hundred thousand shy of a “gold record.”

Styles, who is charismatic and proved himself a good actor in “Dunkirk,” is not selling a lot of concert tickets. He has two shows booked for Madison Square Garden June 21 and 22. There are huge chunks of seats for sale in all sections on Stub Hub. It’s actually possible to pay less for a ticket than for a parking space for those shows.

The lowest price for Styles at MSG is down below $20. Of course, that’s up in the boondocks. But for $65 there are tickets to be had in spots decent enough to hear Harry and see him on the video screen or with binoculars.

Afraid of the secondary market? Ticketmaster has a LOT of first market seats available under $100. Again, they’re in up in boonies, but they’re affordable. Binoculars are recommended. But why break the bank?

Meantime, the other members of One Direction aren’t doing so well either. Niall Horan’s debut album has 203,000 copies. Zayn Malik’s album sold 185,000 copies. Louis Tomlinson has never released an album. Ditto Liam Payne, who has said he’s working on album but nothing has been formally announced.

All of the remaining four members would benefit at this point from a reunion. Zayn Malik, who left the group before they took their hiatus, would also do well. But Zayn has anxiety issues that have prevented a real tour from materializing. Without touring, interest in his records diminished too. He’s released a few digital singles that have gone nowhere.

As for Styles, if this tour doesn’t pick up soon, watch the prices for tickets drop even lower.


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