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It was only last Friday night that Kanye West and Def Jam flew 150 press people to nowhere, Wyoming. They were treated to the 23 minute, 7 song “Ye” EP, which went right to the top of iTunes.

A week later, “Ye” is short for “Yeesh” as the EP drops to number 5 on iTunes. Dave Matthews’ new “Come Tomorrow” has usurped “Ye,” as have four other albums.

The final count for the week is underway, but “Ye” may not even make the earlier predictions of 70,000 downloads and 70,000 streams. Even though all 7 tracks are at the top of the streaming chart, the album as whole seems to be fading. Keep refreshing.

Meanwhile, Kanye released his Kid Cudi album over night. But it’s not on Spotify, just Tidal, where albums vanish like it’s the Bermuda Triangle.  UPDATE Now on all platforms. 2:45pm

The album has music sampled from jazz legend Louis Prima, and from Kurt Cobain. “Kids See Ghosts,” like “Ye,” is 23 minutes long. Now put together the two albums total 46 minutes.  Perfect appetizers in the ADHD world!


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