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Maybe you’ve noticed that after a flurry of fake reports that ABC might somehow resurrect “Roseanne,” the story has gone cold.

That may be because on June 5th, Roseanne Barr doubled down on her attack against Obama aide Valerie Jarrett. She retweeted another Tweet that indicated Jarrett was anti-Semitic. The Tweet Roseanne sent out to her followers said: “You didn’t cause any pain. Those people always hated you. Valerie Jarrett wants Israelis and Jews chased into the sea, and she’ll celebrate.”

The Tweet, from an account called BullMooseGhost, was in response to Barr’s Tweet : “I’m making restitution for the pain I have caused.”

It’s the last direct Tweet from Barr. But she’s retweeted several other accounts, including BullMooseGhost, as well as another from a pro-Trumper that reads: “Leaked Memos Show Comey & Yates Lied to White House, Trump About Gen. Flynn Investigation – True PunditTrue Pundit”

None of this helps Barr’s situation, which is dire at best. ABC can’t possibly offer a new version of “Roseanne” while Barr is an owner of the show– and while she could be using social media to further her agenda of racism and conspiracy theories.

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