Home Media Rupert Murdoch’s Fraudulent Fox News On PR Campaign Against Big Network Newscasts

It’s not like any one takes Fox News seriously except for escaped mental patients. But suddenly Rupert Murdoch’s fraudulent “news” network is on a PR campaign against Real News.

Twice in the last two weeks, the New York Post — under Murdoch’s aegis, sister of Fox News– has printed ridiculous stories about CBS News thinking of getting rid of evening news anchor Jeff Glor after just six months. There are no facts or sources to back this up. It’s just the Post shilling for Fox News and Murdoch. Glor is in fact doing a very good job and isn’t going anywhere.

Today, Foxnews.com — a place where Murdoch can plant his own crazy ideas– attacks Lester Holt at NBC News. Fox News should be so lucky to have Lester Holt. The headline is “Embarrassment for Lester Holt as Ratings Sink.”

The embarrassment is Fox News. I should know. I watched it all unfold for 10 years. They are steeped in fiction and agenda. Only Shepherd Smith seems to have any editorial independence. The rest of the day is just a cosmic fantasy, in which conspiracy theories, slightly veiled racism and homophobia, and the provocation of bitterness forms the day’s plan.

I guess they’ll go after David Muir next at ABC if they can figure out a tactic. And of course, Fox News distrusts CNN– the network everyone turns to in times of real crisis– and MSNBC. They use very big words at those places.

PS I am hopeful that the reboot of “Murphy Brown” will once again skewer “Wolf News.” It never gets old!

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