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Kanye West’s 23 minute album begins with a spoken word (rap) moment with these lyrics: “I thought about killing you/Premeditated murder. I thought about killing myself. And I love myself way more than I love you.” Of the seven tracks on the EP, “Thought about killing myself” is clearly about Kanye’s nervous breakdown.

Some critics will declare it breathtaking and disarming. But with Trumper Candace Owens at his side at last night’s multi million dollar launch party in the middle of Wyoming for the new album “Ye,” you have to wonder.

Menacing/frightening/find help/sometimes/I scare myself is the refrain of the second song, another disarming claim about Kanye’s mental state. Again, brilliant and jarring.

The whole of “Ye” is interesting in that it has nothing to do with Trump or West’s recent declarations for him or the embracing of people like Owens. You also have to wonder if Kanye took a page from Roseanne Barr, who used Trump followers to launch her TV show’s first episode, then never mentioned politics again on her series (although she had several other offensive moments).

My favorite lyric comes in “No Mistake”: “It’s been a shaky ass year.”

Kanye’s “Ye” is not random or scattershot. It’s pretty clearly thought out. After the first two songs address his mental problems– which are presented as universal– he veers to more of an easy listening R&B sound. The stand out is “Ghost Town” aka “Someday” written by and featuring John Legend and Kid Cudi.

Keep refreshing…

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