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The only member of the “Roseanne” cast who’s not said a word about her racist tweets– and the demise of the show– is Laurie Metcalf. The Emmy and Tony winning Oscar nominated actress is on Broadway right now in “Three Tall Women.” She’s nominated for another Tony and it’s hers to lose, so silence is the best course of action. Metcalf was pretty much wasted in the “Roseanne” reboot. Who knows what she thought going in? But they treated her badly.

John Goodman didn’t say anything voluntarily. He was video’d at a New Orleans gas station. (It could have been staged, but that seems like a lot of work.) The video was sold to “ET.” Goodman says he knows nothing, stays off social media, and hasn’t heard from anyone. That’s diplomatic. He’s no doubt spoken to Roseanne  Barr as they’ve maintained a friendship over the years. They almost made another series a couple of years ago, but it wasn’t sold.

Goodman should get a SAG Lifetime Achievement Award this winter. He’s a great choice–so many different movie roles, TV, theater. He’s a great great actor. Just look at this performance:


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